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Official Greeter

Yellow Lab Libby sitting by door
Upon your arrival at Speckled Hen Quilts, you will be met by our Official Greeter, Libby.
Libby has decided it is her duty to welcome all who arrive with a wag of her tail,
a smile on her face & sometimes a rollover for you to rub her tummy.
You can expect to see her with a stick, ball or in summer, an apple in her mouth.
She most often will not let you have it, but only wants to show you what she has!
She is a very happy ten year old yellow Lab who loves all who come into her world.
She shows special attention to those who come with a love of dogs and, of course,
she gets really excited when you remember to bring her a milk bone!
Yellow Lab Libby sitting outside

              RIP Shadow 5/15/14
You might be lucky and get a glimpse of Shadow, our precious Persian.
She is about eight & was a rescue from an older woman who could no longer
take care of her daily needs.
She really does stick to the shadows most of the time!
Shadow loves a warm lap, but she also loves the outdoors where she can watch the birds.
Can't keep her contained in the house when it is warm & sunny!


  • Speckled Hen Quilts
  • 25455 NE Boones Ferry Rd
    Aurora, OREGON 97002
  • TUES & WED 10am - 4pm
  • *Thursday By Appt. Only
  • FRIDAY & SAT 10am-4pm
  • Closed Sunday & Monday